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You sign up for an account with a keyword for example SMITH
You and your subscribers text the keyword SMITH to 1(888) 532-5563 to opt in
You schedule a new text, voice, or email message to send immediately, one-time, select days, weekly, monthly or annually
Select the subscribers, or groups, if you are on the Pro Plan, you want to send the reminder to
Type in, or select, a saved message
Click Create Reminder
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Text, Voice & Email

Send Texts, Automated Voice Calls and Email to Cell Phones


Simple, No Hassle, Pay As You Go Pricing

No Setup Fees

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Works On Any Device

Works on Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop

Easy to Use

No Technical Skills Requried or Software to Download


All Data is Encrypted and Message Transmisions are Sent Over SSL

Scheduling Made Simple

Send Immediately, One-Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually

Easy Opt Out

Subscribers Simply Reply STOP to Cancel Subscription

Saved Reminders

Create saved remember templates for reminders sent often

Custom Phone Numbers

Get your own local phone number on Pro Plan *

Unlimited Keywords

Create unlimited keywords for multiple groups on Pro Plan *

Send Links & Files

Send a link to any file or website address on Pro Plan *

* Only included when buying credits at Pro Plan level

Our pricing is simple, you just Pay As You Go at 5¢ a credit.

When you sign up we will give you 25 free credits to get you started. Each credit represents a Text, Phone or Email Reminder sent. So, if you send a text reminder to 3 people, that would cost 3 credits. If you send a phone reminder AND a text reminder to 3 people, that would cost 6 credits.


/ credit

  • 25 Credits Included
  • Shared Phone Number
  • 1 Keyword
  • Email Support

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/ credit

  • Buy Less than 1000 Credits
  • Shared Phone Number
  • 1 Keyword
  • Email Support

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  • Buy More Than 1000 Credits ($50)
  • Custom Phone Number
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Priority Email Support

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